Afternoon Snack Club 2006.

poetry, hannah style

hannah says:
"Dante is known for his nose
Not for what's under his clothes
But Virgil said "I must confess
That when he's not dressed
Is when I like him the most."

Wow, that was horrible, like none of it actually rhymes at all. Limericks aren't as easy as they look! Let's give it another shot.

In chess Virgil'd always defeat
But Dante knew it's because he would cheat
So he said "You make me sick
You really are a dick."
(Which is true, 'cause you are what you eat.)

Wow. Um...ok, I think that's enough"

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after posting that... she says
"what? the last image isn't working! noooooo! well it was just virgil saying "yeah. She's pretty fuckin cool."

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Oh yeah virgil? Oh yeah? Well ya know what? Yo momma!

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Yes, microsoft paint is better than chocolate. Unless of course it's hershey's chocolate syrup dribbled sensuously down dante's abdomen.

Image hosting by Photobucket"

the last image is slightly disturbing.